A little about me...

I am currently living the dream in our little Chicago suburb with my husband, our sweet (18 month old!!) Tiegan + our golden retriever, Mowgli Bean. On my time off you can find me sneaking more and more plants into our house, dreaming about future home renovations or doing some activity outside with the fam.

Some would say I am a pretty enthusiastic person, like I get STOKED on the smallest of things, like maybe a little too excited, but I can't help it. It's who I am + that's what you get. Like you're probably going to hear over + over again "DANG, YOU TWO LOOK GOOOOD" or "HOT DAYUM!!!" on your big day. I'm here to make you feel good + make sure we get all the best angles! When you look back at your photos I want YOU to say, "dang, she was right, we DO look good!!!!"

Kind Words

My fiancé and I both work as creatives in the advertising/design industry, so looking for a wedding photographer that we felt captured candid moments vs. posed stock-like imagery (and within our budget) seemed to be impossible. **Cut to Brooke: "Hold my beer..."**
Needless to say, Brooke has already far exceeded our expectations—and we're not even married yet! Brooke made our engagement session fun, comfortable and energetic—even though it was during a torrential downpour, and Brooke was 9 months pregnant.

Margaret + Michael